17 new income variables in microdata.no

 by  Trond Pedersen

Statistics Norway have added 17 new income variables to the variable pool of microdata.no, in addition to a population variable measuring the origin of the personal identification number: National identification number, temporary identification number (D-number), invalid identification number. This variable may be used for selection purposes.

The number of variables has now increased from 124 to 142.

The population base for the new income variables is defined by Norwegian residents registered per 31.12.yyyy. The time period until 31.12.2017 is covered, and the information is collected from the Norwegian Tax Register:

Some of these new income variables only covers the period 2010-2017 or 2006-2017, while others have data available back until 1993. By clicking on variables in the list above, you will be redirected to a microdata.no web page containing full variable description for the particular variable (Norwegian only).

Unlike the other income variables available from the start, the 17 new variables include all persons registered as residents in Norway per end of each year. This means that individuals with zero income are included in the dataset. The other income variables include only persons with positive income values (0-values are excluded). When calculating means etc, one should first remove individuals with zero income in order to end up with correct value. Otherwise, the numbers will become artificially low.

The new income variables include data on sick pay, social assistance benefit, work assessment benefit, disability pension, among others. Thus, you will have even more possibilities to analyse social behavior related to welfare benefits. Until now, information on sick pay has not been available through microdata.no.