Data on Child Welfare and Agreement Based Pension in

 by  Svein Johansen & Trond Pedersen

Who needs help from the Child Welfare Services? Any change over time? Or geography? What about their social background?

The February data upload to includes child welfare and 18 new income variables, among them public and private agreement based pension.

The data on child welfare show who has received child welfare services, which services and from which municipality, covering the period from 1993 to 2018. The variables may be merged with all the other data on the platform, giving you the opportunity to check for a number of characteristics of the children and their parents. You may also track the persons over time and investigate future consequences of the welfare measures.

More data on income

In addition, the February data increase comprises a number of income variables, among them data on agreement based pension, business income and household income. The variables contain figures up to and including 2018 – the newest data available at present. now contains 59 variables on income.

From 2006, sickness benefits and maternity benefits are not counted as work-related income in Statistics Norway’s official statistics, but as government transfers. therefore offers an extra set of income variables that reflect this: The new variables for salary, occupational income and business income do not include sickness benefits and maternity benefits. This is instead added as transfers and included in the two new transfer variables. See the table of income variables below for which it applies. Click on the variable links for more details on the definitions.

After the extension, the total number of variables on the platform as of 15 February is 235, all up to date with the latest available figures.

Child Welfare variables
Assistance measures during the year BARNEVERN_HJELPETIL
Assistance measures as of 31.12 BARNEVERN_HJELPETIL12
Care measures during the year BARNEVERN_OMSORG
Care measures as of 31.12 BARNEVERN_OMSORG12
New income variables Related variables
Agreement based pension, public INNTEKT_AFP_OFF
Agreement based pension, private INNTEKT_AFP_PRIV
Agreement based pension, total INNTEKT_AFP_SUM
Public old age pension INNTEKT_ALDERSP_FOLKETR
Other income from capital INNTEKT_ANDREKAPINNT
Public pensions, total INNTEKT_FTRYG
Household income after tax INNTEKT_HUSH_IES
Household income after tax per consumer unit, EU-standard INNTEKT_HUSH_IES_EU
Wages (new definition) INNTEKT_LONN INNTEKT_WLONN
Business income (new definition) INNTEKT_NARINNT INNTEKT_WNARINNT
Transfers, total (new definition) INNTEKT_OVERFOR INNTEKT_WOVERFOR
Taxable transfers (new definition) INNTEKT_SKPLOVF INNTEKT_WSKPLOVF
Occupational income (new definition) INNTEKT_YRKINNT INNTEKT_WYRKINNT