Access for institutions, ministries and directorates

Access to is given to researchers, PhD students and master’s degree students at an approved research institution as well as employees of ministries and directorates .

In addition, the institution must sign an institutional agreement on the use of, and you must be registered as a user by the institution’s own user administrator.


Yearly subscription price list 2021

1 000 NOK ex mva
Universities and colleges with >10 000 students¹ 175
Universities and colleges with 2 000-10 000 students 115
Universities and colleges with <2 000 students 60
Research institutes 60
Ministries 60
Directorates 60

¹ Student numbers according to official statistics

Here you can see the complete set of the present subscription terms.

How is the price decided?

The subscription price is divided into categories reflecting the size of the institutions. This will give a fair price compared to the potential numbers of users the institutions may register into the system.

The price is calculated so that all user dependent costs are covered (break-even). This means that the price may vary from year to year depending on the number of users. Price changes will be notified well in advance.

What will the payment cover?

The payment will cover the user dependent expenses. Other costs associated with system operation and development will not be charged. The Research Council of Norway’s (RCN) policy is that users should pay for research infrastructures. Ever since the launch of, a system of user payment after an initial start-up period has been planned and informed.

During the next years, NSD and Statistics Norway will develop further by substantially expanding the number of register data made available for research. This will include a significant increase in the data scope, including third party data and private research data. We will also develop new analytical functionalities, and further develop the confidentiality mechanisms. The development work is made according to the microdata 2.0 project, financed by RCN and Statistics Norway. is a part of the overall strategy of improving the access to research data, both as a research tool and as a portal for searching for access to indirect identifiable microdata (will be available in the course of 2021).


Subscription terms for valid from 21 January 2021.


Institutions that have an agreement register their own users.

How to enter into an institutional agreement

Send an email to with a request for an agreement. Specify the following in the subject field: “Request for institutional agreement - " + name of institution (and institute).

Register and administer users for your institution

If you are accredited to register users at your institution, you can log in and register/administer users.

End-user agreement

When logging on for the first time, researchers will be asked to sign a digital end-user agreement.

Template showing the content of the end-user agreement

Registered users

Registered users can log in to the analytical platform.

Earlier subscription terms