Access for institutions, ministries and directorates

Access to is given to researchers, PhD students and master’s degree students at an approved research institution as well as employees of ministries and directorates.

In addition, the institution must sign an institutional agreement on the use of, and you must be registered as a user by the institution’s own user administrator.


Currently free of charge.

For the time being, institutions may sign an access agreement and use free of charge. The agreement entitles the institution to register a free number of users who can use the service without limitations, support included.

In the medium term, and no earlier than 2023, a payment scheme will be introduced where users cover the user dependent expenses. NSD and Statistics Norway will make a further assessment of when to introduce a payment scheme during 2022. The trigger criteria for payment will be a defined the service level set in collaboration with the users. The price model and the introduction time will be announced with a sufficient time lag for users to integrate it in their economic


Subscription terms for valid from 1 September 2021.


Institutions that have an agreement register their own users.

How to enter into an institutional agreement

Send an email to with a request for an agreement.

Register and administer users for your institution

If you are accredited to register users at your institution, you can log in and register/administer users.

End-user agreement

When logging on for the first time, researchers will be asked to sign a digital end-user agreement.

Template showing the content of the end-user agreement

Registered users

Registered users can log in to the analytical platform.

Earlier subscription terms